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Version: 2.0.0

2. Connect to Runnerty Platform

Runnerty Platform offers a platform to manage your runnerty projects, visualize your chains and processes in real time and much more.

1. Access Runnerty Platform and create your project:

2. Get your project's API Key:

Enter the API Key in the configuration file of your runnerty project (config.json)
"general": {
"": {
"apikey": "YOUR_APIKEY_HERE!"

3. Enjoy Runnerty Platform

In the next start of your project you will be able to visualize and control your processes and chains from Runnerty Platform.

🎉🎉 Congratulations, you are know connected to Runnerty Platform!

You can now visualize your executions

And your chains definitions Parameters

disablefalsedisable Runnerty Platform connection
hostws-telemetry.runnerty.ioRunnerty Platform enpoint
healthCheckertrueenables health signal communication
remoteControltrueenable remote control from Runnerty platform
debugfalseenables the debug mode of the communication module (for development only)